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Lego Brick Exhibition X EduFun

Registration Form

Holiday Workshop 2022

Virtual Workshop: $88

(Children: 6-13 years old)

Kindly read the below terms and condition before proceeding to fill up this form.

  • Virtual Ticket of $88 includes a complimentary child entry to the physical Lego Brick Exhibition at Science Centre Singapore (SCS).

  • The tickets to the Lego Brick Exhibition has to be redeemed within 1 week of the workshop, between 17 – 24 June 2022.

  • Parents who wish to enter the physical Da Vinci Exhibition will be required to purchase separate adult tickets with SCS on their website.

  • Tickets to Lego Brick Exhibition @ SCS are strictly non-transferable.

  • Ensure that you have a working desktop/ laptop to enjoy an uninterrupted session.

  • Fill in your address correctly to ensure that the activity kit is mailed to you on time.

  • The Virtual Workshop will only commence when a minimum number of participants is reached. A refund will be made to all participants should the workshop be cancelled.

  • EduFun will not tolerate participant who are in to disrupt the workshop. We hope everyone will get to have an enjoyable experience!

Child's Particulars

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