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What is EduFun?

EduFun is an enrichment centre by Ace@Work located in the heart of Science and learning, Science Centre Singapore. It aims to harness the galleries at Science Centre as a valuable medium to complement children’s learning in school and reignite their natural sense of wonder and curiosity. When children learn through play, the result is intrinsic motivation which leads to child-initiated learning. This type of learning is internalised and is a valuable attitude that they can carry for life.

Taking learning out of the classrooms.

The galleries at Science Centre make it possible for lessons to be conducted anywhere, offering endless possibilities for learning and creativity. With the latest E-mmersive Experiential exhibition, children can immerse in a virtual forest, experience day and night transitions, weather changes and even interact with fishes in the river.


Imagine the kinds of creative writing ideas children can generate in such an environment! Students can expect a plethora of experiential learning and hands-on opportunities to experience concepts, pose questions and are encouraged to work on projects and also in groups to solve problems. 



Heuristics Science


Heuristics Mathematics


English Creative Writing 


Lower Primary Science

Key Features

Key Features


First and only enrichment centre to offer Lower Primary Science (P1 – P2)

Primary 1 and 2 Science has never been offered in Singapore before. In this programme, the focus is on sparking and preserving children’s emergent interest towards Science. Lessons are conducted in a fun way, where children explore different Science Centre exhibits in-depth with the facilitation of our tutors. They get to conduct exciting Science experiments with toolkits and resources, developing heuristic skills such as observing, classifying, comparing, analysing, inferring and predicting. These skills are primary skills required for future learning of Science in Primary 3 to 6.


A curriculum centred on the development of heuristics skills

EduFun programmes are designed with a focus on the development of heuristic skills and understanding of how, and when, to apply these in learning. Instead of topical drilling of each subject, programmes are developed to help children practise and develop the astute ability to find clues to formulate strategies for problem-solving.


Keeping up with children’s progress through parents’ mobile application

Every parent will have access to a mobile portal where they can receive updates EduFun’s announcements, upcoming initiatives, their child’s progress and portfolio. This portal also allows them to comment on a post and communicate with their child’s tutors.

Our Educators

EduFun features a team of strong and fully-qualified MOE-trained educators led by
Industry Experts.

Our board of consultants include authors of published Heuristics textbooks.

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